Your Home Can Be Clean Even If You’re Not Up To Cleaning It

Best Cleaning

If you do not have the will to clean and you are not in the mood to get tired after work, call us. Today, everyone would pay a maid rather than get tired on a day off, or after work.
People who have big houses can sell much cheaper. Companion Maids charges you per room, not per square. And if your house has 2000 square meters and 7-8 rooms, which are huge, you will pass cheaper because we charge per room. We do not charge anything before work, we charge only when the maids finish their work, by sending an invoice by e-mail.

Companion Maids

If you are not satisfied with the service, call us to correct our mistake. You can replace the cleaning time with the time you would spend with children or loved ones. We are approachable and helpful, we do the job to the very end, and we meet the deadline by which we can be in your house or office every time. Don’t hesitate to tell us if something is wrong, or if one of the maids skipped the carpet or armchair. We are always here to correct a mistake made by one of us. Not only the richest people have to have maids and service. Anyone can have that today because it is not a highly paid job. People like to enjoy a clean home and clean air without allergens. Since many people suffer from allergies to mites and dust, you should always keep the premises clean.

Companion Maids helps you live in clean rooms and a nicely decorated home. You can welcome guests ready and not be ashamed if there is dust somewhere. We are here to clean your apartment or office.